How to Rent

Download Yogofi App

Download the Yogofi App

(first-time users only)

Reserve Yogofi

Reserve Yogofi

Enter promocode / member ID where applicable

Yogofi Collection Delivery

Collection / Delivery

Choose either the pickup/delivery options when reserving a Travelwifi device

Yogofi Setup & Travel

Setup & Travel

Ensure your device is fully charged before travels. Turn on Wifi on your mobile and connect with the network name (Yogofi-XXXXX) and password behind the device.

How to operate the TravelWifi device

1. How to switch on
2. What do the LED lights represent
3. How to reset device / restore factory setting
4. How to switch off

Different options on returning the Travelwifi device

Yogofi Local return mailer bag

Local return mailer bag

Simply pack the device and its accessories into the prepaid return mailer bag to any SingPost mailbox.

Yogofi International courier

International courier

Contact local DHL to pickup device if you have a return mailer bag / arrange your own courier.

Yogofi Hotel guest

Hotel guest

Scan device QR code and leave the device on the charging stand / return it back to the concierge.

Yogofi Self-return


Return device to one of the return location you’ve chosen from the list. And scan the QR code that’s provided by the staff from the location.

Delivery Charges


3 business days


Local Express

Next business day


International 1 way

5-7 business days


International 2 way

5-7 business days


Download the
Yogofi app to order

the Yogofi app
to order