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Businesses are constantly expanding their presence to new locations with some in remote or temporary areas where connectivity can become challenging. More often than not, you find yourself operating on the go. Having reliable and secured connectivity becomes an essential commodity for uninterrupted business.

4G LTE mobile broadband is the best alternative when Internet service cannot be delivered via the primary network. It enables businesses to have a reliable, secure and flexible internet everywhere to email, surf and send files easily while on the move with just a portable equipment.


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Business Continuity Plan

In any crisis, a comprehensive BCP is imperative in ensuring that your organization can continue to function amidst uncertainties. We provide a technology solution to keep your business connected with robust and highly redundant platform.

In-vehicle Connectivity

Yogofi Mobile Broadband provides the required bandwidth for a connection to be established so that data can be transmitted and received securely, no matter they are travelling in-state or across countries.

Internet for Remote Working

Emergency situations calls for immediate response. Due to the hassle-free nature of deployment using cloud-managed mobile devices, we offer the connectivity you require immediately to maintain business resilience while operating on the go.

Connectivity for Events

From live streaming to WiFi for your guests, Yogofi provides fast and reliable internet to keep your event connected. The analytics of your guests provided gives you a better understanding of your audience in the future.

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Yogofi Global Coverage

Global Coverage

TravelWifi’s connectivity solutions can be deployed in any of its 140+ countries around the world. With its unique CloudSIM solution, no physical sim card is required to be plugged in. Getting connected is as simple as powering on.

Yogofi Multihoming Network

Multihoming Network

Our multihoming ability leverages our partnerships with multiple telcos to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and availability of service in any location. This allows for continued connectivity in the event of an outage or service issue ensuring high availability of service.

Yogofi Zero Touch On Demand

Zero Touch On Demand

With our online management portal, services can be preconfigured and pushed from the cloud. You can create connectivity on-demand and allows zero-touch deployment, removing the need for technical expertise on the ground.

Yogofi Cost Efficient Service

Cost Efficient Service

Using vSIM technology, TravelWifi provides cost-efficient data services to you removing the need for hefty roaming charges. TravelWifi changes sim on the fly as you cross between countries reducing your telecommunications spend.

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