Sep 9, 2020 | Blog

If you are visiting Singapore for a business or a leisure trip where you need the internet connection to conduct business meetings or drafting emails or for posting family photos on Instagram or do WhatsApp calls to your family members at home, you can rely on pocket WiFi Singapore. The concept of pocket WiFi is very popular in Singapore and YogoFi is the top-notch pocket WiFi rental provider in Singapore that has carved a niche for itself by offering reliable and transparent pocket WiFi device rental services to the tourists. The internet speed is very high and you can easily accomplish your business or personal tasks with the help of the pocket WiFi device powered by YogoFi.


Reasons to rent a pocket WiFi

You might ask a reason to rent a pocket WiFi in Singapore. Well, there are many. Surely, there are many other ways to access free WiFi in Singapore, but renting the YogoFi portable WiFi Singapore is the easiest and the best way to stay connected with the world and to access information. All you need to do is to buy a local SIM card or rent a pocket WiFi which offers may benefits such as:

  • One of the main issues while travelling abroad is directions and places. Asking and harassing locals with directions is not something to opt for when you can rent a pocket WiFi and search for any place through Google Maps. You’ll be able to uncover places to explore and it will also show nearby travel destinations, hotels, spas and restaurants too. Isn’t it more convenient and comfortable in an unknown country?
  • You can locate the local famous places, travel destinations, best local markets and restaurants and find out about their opening and closing hours, to try new local cuisines. The Yogofi pocket WiFi can be your true travel guide in Singapore here.
  • Moreover, you can also make or cancel bookings for other travel plans, theatres, and other things. You can find good book stores, supermarkets and other crucial stores and local markets for shopping when you have a portable WiFi in Singapore.
  • If you are on a business trip, you can work on the go. You can check emails, reply, attend video conferences, and do a lot more with a pocket WiFi.
  • Furthermore, with public free WiFi, you have to constantly find new WiFi networks and keep logging in to stay connected. With the Yogofi pocket WiFi, you just need to login once and you will stay connected forever. The security issues are also mitigated with your pocket WiFi.

What can you expect from the Yogofi portable WiFi Singapore?

The portable WiFi router rental Singapore includes:

  • 4G internet speed at anywhere in Singapore
  • With a single WiFi router, 5 devices can be connected (if you are on a group tour, with a single pocket WiFi, you and your friends or family members can stay connected to the internet.)
  • Portable and lightweight mobile WiFi (It just weighs 100 grams, lighter than your carry bag or mobile phone.)
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life (Keep enjoying the high-speed internet without worrying about the battery dying.)
  • Unlimited data* each day (Enjoy unlimited data at high speed with Pocket WiFi)

What is included in your portable WiFi router rental Singapore?

It will have the following items:

  • Pocket WiFi router with installed SIM card
  • 1 USB cable

How to rent your Yogofi pocket WiFi Singapore?

First of all, you need to sign up for the Yogofi mobile app.

  • Once you are logged in, reserve your Yogofi pocket WiFi device.
  • You can select free delivery of the pocket WiFi device or self-collect it at the location near you.
  • Once you have the device, ensure that the device is fully charged before you leave for travel. All you need to do is to turn on WiFi on your mobile and connect to the network name and password listed behind the portable WiFi device.


Having a pocket WiFi Singapore is a must if you want to enjoy your stay there. It will make your life in Singapore more convenient and comfortable. All you need to do is to contact and rent or buy the portable WiFi device and start enjoying the unparalleled tour. Stay connected and stay charged.